Color Cap

RoHS2 Compliant

Color caps can be used for identification of different applications of the joints.


Color caps can be used for identification of different applications of the joints.

Color caps makes complicated piping work easy by identifying ports by color.

By installing an appropriate color cap on the release-ring available from 10 colors and matching tube color as well, piping work can be easily performed.

Installation of cap to a tube fitting with which the release-rings adjoin each other is possible. (Union Y: PY, etc.)

Lock function built-in cap for oval or round release-ring of Tube Fitting Mini-type.

Lock function type prevents tube loosening by a wrong operation.
Applicable release-ring: Mini type tube fitting having tube OD: ø4 & ø6mm

Port size

Size code

mm size(mm) φ4, φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12, φ16
inch size φ1/8", φ5/32", φ3/16", φ1/4", φ5/16", φ3/8", φ1/2", φ5/8"


Type & Price list

Detailed Safety Instructions


1.Since Color Cap and Color Lock Cap are very small, be careful not to lose or drop it into facilities when attaching or detaching them.

2.Color Lock Cap has the front and the back. Make sure that PISCO logo comes the top side. Oval shape cap is produced for the oval shape releasering. Make sure the direction of attachment.

3.Do not press the corners on the latches (circled positions in the drawing) when disconnecting tube with a CAPH cap on.

4.Color cap can not be attached to release rings made of other than POM, PBT or PP. Make sure to check construction drawing for each product in advance.

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