Pressure Controller

RoHS2 Compliant

Pressure control valve saves compressed air consumption.

  • PBT is used for the main resin parts. PBT: A standard resin material that is ideal for general environments.
  • Brass with electroless nickel plating is used for the main metal parts.
Seal rubber
  • NBR is used for the seal rubber material. NBR: A material generally used as a sealing material. Please note that it is inferior in ozone resistance.
  • HNBR is used for the seal rubber material. HNBR: A material with improved ozone resistance by adding hydrogen to NBR. Ideal for low-concentration ozone countermeasures.


Pressure control valve saves compressed air consumption.

In driving an actuator under high pressure, compressed air can be saved by use of the pressure controller to reduce the pressure only during home return.

Controls the pressure for advance and return of an actuator.

When a primary pressure is supplied from the thread side, a reduced pressure will come out from the fitting side. When the primary pressure is supplied from the fitting side, the same pressure will come out from the thread side because of the operation of the check valve.


Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range 0~0.9MPa
Pressure setting range 0.2~0.6MPa
Operating temperature range 0~60℃ (No freezing)

Port size

Tube dia.

mm size(mm) φ4, φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12
inch size φ5/32, φ1/4, φ5/16, φ3/8, φ1/2

Thread size

Metric male thread M5x0.8
Taper pipe male thread R1/8, R1/4, R3/8, R1/2
UNF Thread 10-32UNF
NPT Thread NPT1/8, NPT1/4, NPT3/8, NPT1/2

Flow Characteristic Graph

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Detailed Safety Instructions


1.To adjust the pressure of the actuator, gradually turn the needle from the fully closed position to increase the air volume. If the needle is open, there is a risk of the actuator move suddenly and violently. Turning the needle clockwise closes the valve, while turning it counter-clockwise opens it.

2.It should not be used like a safety valve requiring precision. They are not designed for applications such as safety valves.


1.The pressure setting should be made by turning the needle counterclockwise from the fully closed position. Since it does not have a relief mechanism, it cannot be set from the fully open position. Also, before resetting the pressure, release the pressure on the secondary side.

2.Since the secondary side pressure will also fluctuate due to fluctuations in the primary side pressure, be careful when the fluctuation of the primary side pressure is large.

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