Vacuum Generator, Unitasking

Vacuum Generator VUM

RoHS2 Compliant

Ultra-small. Conversion from compressed air to vacuum is possible in one line.

  • PBT is used for the main resin parts. PBT: A standard resin material that is ideal for general environments.
  • Brass with electroless nickel plating is used for the main metal parts.
Seal rubber
  • NBR is used for the seal rubber material. NBR: A material generally used as a sealing material. Please note that it is inferior in ozone resistance.


Ultra-small. Conversion from compressed air to vacuum is possible in one line.

Essential item to convey workpieces.

The Vacuum Generator, creating vacuum by use of compressed air, can be used to convey materials in combination with a Vacuum Pad .

It fits to request for less air consumption.

This type can be directly mounted on the small pad holder(VPMB).

Easy attaching and detaching by using the optional fixing holder (VUK04).


Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.15~0.7MPa
Rated supply pressure 0.5MPa (H, L type)/0.35MPa (E type)
Operating temp. range 0~60℃ (No freezing)

Port size

Vacuum port

Tube dia.

mm Size (mm) φ1.8, φ3, φ4
Inch Size φ5/32 "

Thread size

Metric thread (male) M3x0.5, M5x0.8
Unified fine thread 10-32UNF

Air supply port

Tube dia.

mm Size (mm) φ3, φ4
Inch Size φ5/32"

Vacuum Characteristic Graph

Type & Price list

Option & Maintenance items

Vacuum Generator VUMFilter element

Filter element for maintenance of Vacuum Generator VUM.

Vacuum Generator VUMSpacer

Spacer for maintenance of Vacuum Generator VUM.

Detailed Safety Instructions


1.In the assembly after the maintenance of filter of VUM, confirm the plug is installed in the right position as shown in the following structural drawing first, and then install the spacer and filter element. It is not necessary to remove the inner plug for maintenance.

2.After maintenance of VU and VUM type filter elements, install them so that there is no gap between the resin body and the vacuum port body according to the following structural drawing. Note that the product performance will not be satisfied unless it is installed in the proper position.

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