Air Preparation


RoHS2 Compliant

A pressure gauge (with or without) and handle position (top or bottom) are selectable.


with or without a pressure gauge and handle position (top or bottom) are selectable.

Easy locking by push lock type handle.

Bottom handle which placed under the main body position is available.

Three types of attached gauges are available: direct mount type compact pressure gauge, with pressure sensor with LCD dual-display , and digital pressure gauge.

Direct mount type compact pressure gauge with special scale

Pressure indications are readable from the side

A type without a pressure gauge is available.


Regulator Spec.

Port size Rc1/4, Rc3/8
Fluid medium Air
Max. operating pressure 1.0MPa
Pressure setting range 0.05~0.85MPa
Pressure resistance 1.5MPa
Operating temp. range 5~50℃

Gauge spec.

Fluid medium Air
Pressure indication range 0~1.0MPa
accuracy ±5% F.S.

Digital Pressure Gauge

Rated pressure range 0.000~1.000MPa
Indicated pressure range -0.100~1.000MPa(*1, *2)
Pressure resistance 1.5MPa
Fluid medium Air, non-corrosive / non flammable gas
Battery CR2032 Lithium battery(*4)
Battery life About 3 years (at 5 times indication / day)
Low-power indicator Yes
Battery replacement Yes
Turn-on interval 2Hz(twice / sec.)
Repeatability ≦±0.2% F.S. ± 1 digit
LCD display 7 segment, 3.5 digit
Indicator accuracy ±2% F.S. ± 1 digit(ambient temperature: 25±3℃)
Protective structure IP65(*3)
Ambient temp. range Operation: 0~50℃ Storage: -10~60℃(No dew condensation, no freezing)
Ambient humidity range Operation / Storage: 35~85%RH(No dew condensation)
Vibration proof Total amplitude 1.5mm or 100m/s², 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz scan for 1 minute, Direction of X, Y and Z for 2 hours each
Shock resistance 100m/s², 3 times each in direction of X, Y and Z
Temperature characteristic ±2% F.S. of detected pressure (25℃)

When negative pressure is applied, it is displayed as shown in the figure below.

*2. The range of -0.1 to 0 MPa is outside the guaranteed accuracy range of the display.

*3. Air tube must be inserted into the atmospheric release port to maintain IP65. See below figure.

Pressure Sensor with LCD Dual-display spec.

Rated pressure range 0.000~1.000MPa
Proof pressure 1.5MPa
Fluid medium Air, non-corrosive / non-flammable gas
Power supply DC12V~24V(Ripple max. ±10%)
Current consumption 40mA or less (at No-loaded)
Switch output Switch output NPN open collector output/PNP open collector output
Switch output Max. load current 125mA
Switch output Max. supply voltage DC30V(NPN open collector output)/DC24V(PNP open collector output)
Switch output Residual voltage Max. 1.5V
Repeatability ±0.2% F.S. max. ±1 digit
Hysteresis One point setting mode Adjustable(*)
Hysteresis hysteresis mode Adjustable(*)
Hysteresis Wind comparator mode Adjustable(*)
Response time Max. 2.5ms (Malfunction protection function:Select from 25ms, 100ms, 250ms, 500ms, 1000ms, 1500ms)
Overload protection Equipped
Digital display 3 colors (Red, Green, Orange) indication (Sampling rate: 5 times / 1sec.)
Indication accuracy ±2% F.S. max. ±1 digit( at Ta=25±3℃)
Operation indicator Orange 1&2 indicator
Analog output(Voltage output) Output voltage:1~5V ±2.5% F.S. or less (within rated pressure range), Linearity:±1%F.S. or less, Output impedance :1kΩ
Environment proof Protective structure IP40
Environment proof Ambient temp. range Operation : 0~50℃, Storage : -10~60℃ (No dew condensation or freezing)
Environment proof Ambient humidity range Operation/Storage : 35~85%RH (No dew condensation)
Environment proof Voltage proof AC1000V 1 min. (Between the lead wire and the case)
Environment proof Insulation proof more than 50MΩ(DC500V)(Between the lead wire and the case)
Environment proof Vibration resistance Total amplitude 1.5mm or 100m/s² 10Hz-55Hz-10Hz scan for 1 min., two hours each direction of X, Y and Z.
Environment proof shock resistance 100m/s², 3 times each in direction of X, Y and Z
Temperature characteristics ±2% F.S or less (at 25℃, in temp. Range of 0~50℃)
Cable spec. Oil-resistance cable(0.15mm²)

* Hysteresis is adjustable(1~8 digits) in One point setting mode and Wind comparator mode.

Port size

Thread size

Taper pipe female thread Rc1/4, Rc3/8

Characteristic Graph


Ordering Information

Detailed Safety Instructions


1.When the secondary side is released into the atmosphere, sympathetic vibration may occur due to the influence of the flow. Avoid prolonged use with the secondary side open to the atmosphere, as this may cause internal damage and other malfunctions.

2.Be sure to adjust the regulator in the direction of increasing pressure, and be sure to push the handle to lock it after adjusting the pressure.

3.Refer to the corresponding pages of precautions related to the dual-display digital pressure sensor and digital pressure gauge in the digital catalog.

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