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RoHS2 Compliant

Vacuum Gripper suitable for conveyance of large work-piece.


Vacuum Gripper suitable for conveyance of large work-piece.

3 types of gripper are available: sponge type (O-shaped and full sponge) and hexagonally-arranged Vacuum Pads type. Can be used for various types of work-piece.

Large-flow vacuum generator is built-in. Can be directly connected to EOAT of P.C.D. 40, P.C.D. 56 and P.C.D 80.

Max. suction flow:760L/min (*1) is secured. Can be used for work-piece with leakage (*2).

*1. Spec. value for built-in ejector: 3 pcs. *2. Work-piece like cardboard.


Specification of O-shaped VRG

Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.7MPa
Vacuum characteristics High-vacuum type
Rated supply pressure 0.5MPa
Final vacuum -94kPa
Operating temp. range 5~50℃ (No freezing)
Max. suction flow rate(*1) 760L/min[ANR] (3 nozzles)
Air consumption(*1) 330L/min[ANR] (3 nozzles)
Noise (*2) 75dB(A) (3 nozzles (reference value))
Suction force (*3) 345N (safety factor 1/4 considered)

*1. Value of built-in Vacuum Generator.

*2. The value is just for reference in case of the silencers installed.

*3. The value is figure out at -80kPa. (Safety factor of 1/4 is taken into consideration. (Horizontal lifting))

Port size

Air supply port thread size

Taper pipe female thread Rc1/2

Pressure sensor port thread size

Metric female thread M5x0.8

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