Vacuum Pad

Multiple Suction Cup Holder

RoHS2 Compliant

Suppresses the runout of work-piece during conveyance.


Suppresses the runout of work-piece during conveyance.

Using plural pad stabilize the posture of the work-piece during conveyance.

By using 3 to 4 pads (suctioning at multiple points), it is possible to suppress runout of the work-piece and stabilize the posture during conveyance, so the work-piece can be prevented from falling.

Vacuum filter is incorporated.

Removes the suctioned dusts and prevent the troubles of vacuum system.


Aluminum is adopted for the body material.

Even a hollow work-piece can be easily suctioned.

Ordering Information

Detailed Safety Instructions


1.Perform regular maintenance and inspection of the filter element inside this product. Clogging of the element may result in poor performance or trouble.

2.When replacing the element, be sure to understand the instructions of the dust removal method and the replacement element of vacuum filter, and make sure that the internal pressure of the multiple pad holder is released to atmospheric pressure before replacement to ensure safety. When tightening, use an appropriate tool and tighten the body fixing screw with a torque of 1.0 to 1.8 Nm.

3.For blank holder (no thread holes), perform additional threads working under the following conditions. (1) Perform additional threads working within the øD dimension range. (2) The length of the male thread to be attached to the additionally worked female thread should be 6 mm or less to avoid interference with the element. (3) Remove the upper part of the holder by loosening the bolts before carrying out additional processing, then reassemble it to the original state after processing by following the procedure for replacing the element.


1.When mounting the multi-pad holder, refer to the tightening torques in the following table and tighten using the hexagonal-column of the thread with the appropriate tool, making sure there is no looseness. Check the thread looseness periodically, and retighten it to the tightening torque if necessary.

2.When installing or replacing pads, check "Common Safety Instructions for Vacuum Pads".

3.When inserting the tool into the pad screw hexagonal hole, please do not insert the tool too far. It may pierce to the internal filter element and cause damage.

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