Tube Fitting Stainless SUS316 Compression Fitting Series

RoHS2 Compliant

Compression fitting made of SUS316, which is highly resistant to corrosion.

  • SUS316 is used for the main metal parts. SUS316: Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • No copper-based metallic material is used in flow paths
  • HNBR or FKM is used for the seal rubber material. *Some products are only compatible in the flow path.
  • No lubrication is used during assembly.
  • Fluorine grease is used as grease, and the product is packaged in a clean room after cleaning with clean air.


Compression fitting made of SUS316, which is highly resistant to corrosion.

Best suitable for not only chemical industries but industries such as medical care, semiconductor manufacturing, solar battery and secondary battery, food, which requires airtight special environment.

Best suitable for piping in clean room.

Washed by clean air, then packed in ISO class 6 cleanroom.

Polyurethane tube can be used.

Straight and elbow fittings for Pisco polyurethane tube (OD ø8~ø16mm) are introduced.


Fluid medium Air, Water, Others such as chemicals (Conditional*1)
Max. operating pressure Depending on max.operating pressure of tube
Max. vacuum -100kPa
Operating temp. range Depending on operating temp. range of tube(No freezing)*2

Fluorine-based grease is applied on a cap nut.


*1. Make sure to follow the instructions below when the fluid medium is water or liquid.

Surge pressure must be controlled lower than max. operating pressure when using water or liquid as a fluid medium.

Tap water in Japan free from foreign substances or contamination can be used. Carry out the evaluation under an actual operating condition for using other kind of water.

The specification above may not be applied, depending on the kind of chemicals or mixed gases used as fluid medium. Make sure to use PISCO products after verifying their suitability on the user side.

*2. Operating temp. range follows the specification of the tube. The operation in a high temperature environment may cause damage to the products when they receive an excessive load.

*3. Because of the fitting's structure, the performance decreases if soft tube is inserted. Be sure to confirm the practical effect with a using tube before actual operation.

Port size

Tube dia.(O.D. x I.D.)

Tube dia.(O.D.xI.D.)
mm size(mm) φ4xφ2, φ4xφ2.5, φ6xφ4, φ8xφ5, φ8xφ6, φ10xφ6.5, φ10xφ7.5, φ10xφ8, φ12xφ8, φ12xφ9, φ12xφ10, φ16xφ11, φ16xφ13
inch size φ6.35xφ4.57(φ1/4"), φ9.53xφ6.99(φ3/8"), φ12.7xφ9.56(φ1/2")

Thread size

Thread size
Taper pipe male thread R1/8, R1/4, R3/8, R1/2
Taper pipe female thread Rc1/8, Rc1/4, Rc3/8, Rc1/2


Type & Price list

Thread & Tube connection (7 types)

Tube & Tube connection (4 types)

Thread & Thread connection (1 type)

Cap nut

Spring washer

Detailed Safety Instructions


1.Check chemical resistance before using the products, when the fluid medium is chemicals, solvent or mixed gases. Depending on the conditions, it may cause damage to the products, the escape of tubes, and a fluid leakage.


1.Taper thread is not coated with Sealock. When coating the thread with seal tape or sealant, do not coat 1.5 to 2 screw ridges from the tip of the thread.

2.The level of corrosion of the fittings varies by operating conditions. In case there is a possibility of negative effects on machines or facilities due to these conditions, evaluate the suitability of the products in advance.

3.Make sure to tighten a cap nut properly referring to the following table. Excessive tightening may break or deform the fitting part. Inadequate tightening may result in the escape of the tube and a fluid leakage.

4.In case of using non-PISCO brand tubes, make sure the tolerance of the outer / inner tube diameter is within the limits of the following table.

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