Privacy Policy

Nihon Pisco Co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") establishes the following terms and conditions for the use of the website managed and operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"). Based on these terms, we are committed to ensuring the safe and convenient use of the Website by our customers.

1. Purpose of Personal Information Usage

The Company will use personal information, including basic information that identifies individual customers, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, and information related to transactions with the Company, for the following purposes.

Shipping of products and requested materials (catalogs, CAD data, technical materials, etc.)

Providing information about products and services, as well as recommendations to customers, through email and direct mail (DM)

Responding to various inquiries, opinions, and requests

Conducting various surveys

The Company may use the collected personal information to provide information about products and services, as well as to supply catalogs and materials, through its sales representatives in the respective regions.

2. Collection of Personal Information

Personal information refers to information that identifies individual customers, including names, company names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. The Company collects personal information to fulfill various business purposes, including transactions with customers, using fair and appropriate means and within the necessary minimum scope.

3. Provision of Personal Information

Except in cases falling under the following circumstances, the Company will not provide, disclose, etc., personal information collected from customers to third parties.

When the customer has given consent or approval

When required by law, based on a request for information disclosure from judicial, administrative, or similar institutions

4. Security

To ensure the safe registration of your personal information, encryption communication using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is conducted between this Website and your browser. This protects your registered personal information and is securely managed by the web server contracted by the Company.

While SSL is typically enabled in most settings, some browsers may have SSL functionality turned off. Please refer to your browser's help resources to ensure that SSL encryption communication is enabled in advance.

5. Cookies

The Company uses cookies to manage and use customer information. Cookies are mechanisms where website providers temporarily write and store data on a visitor's computer through web browsers. This is used to make website browsing more convenient for visitors and does not infringe on your privacy or have any adverse effects on your computer. However, depending on your browser, you can disable the functionality of cookies. In such cases, certain services on the Website may not be accessible.

Disclosed date: Apr. 1, 2013