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Vacuum Accessories

Not only source pressure, terminal pressure can be controlled. Push-lock knob for easy adjustment.
Released on 21/10/08
  • WEB Release  :  2021/10/28
  • WEB Last updated  :  2021/10/28
  • The push-lock type knob makes it easy to operate with one hand.
  • Up to 50% lighter than conventional products.
    The main body is made of resin, and the metal material is aluminum.
  • Standard product equivalent to S3 specifications (copper free specifications )
    ・No copper-based material is used.
    ・The rubber material is HNBR, which has excellent ozone resistance.
  • The Tube Fittings on the primary side and the secondary side rotate individually, and the piping direction is free.
  • Ideal for controlling the source pressure of vacuum source. It is also possible to control the end part.


This tube fitting serves best where strength is required or corrosive atmosphere.
Released on 20/10/30
  • WEB Release  :  2021/07/14
  • WEB Last updated  :  2021/07/14
  • Newly added 13 shapes
    Inner Hex. Straight, Single Banjo, Unequal Plug-in Elbow, Plug-in Elbow, Female Straight, Bulkhead Female Straight, PT Jack Unequal Plug-in Y, Bulkhead Union Elbow, Double Banjo, Triple Banjo, Double Twin Banjo, Triple Twin Banjo
  • New size added 5 shapes
    Double Branch Y, Bulkhead Union, Unequal Union Y, Unequal Plug-in Straight, Cap