Precautions against counterfeits of PISCO products

Release date:2021/10/01

Dear valued customer,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support of our products.

 Recently, we have confirmed the fact that sophisticated counterfeit products that copy the package design and shape of our products are being sold in the People's Republic of China, especially on online shopping sites and SNS.

Product Reliability of Counterfeit Products

 Counterfeit products not only differ from genuine products in terms of specifications and performance, but are also inferior in terms of quality and safety.
We cannot guarantee the quality of non-genuine products. We are not responsible for any damages or damages caused by the use of counterfeit products purchased by customers, so we ask for your understanding.

Please be careful not to buy counterfeit products

Please purchase our products from authorized distributors or trusted distributors.

Beware of products that are too cheap.

Please check "PISCO 碧士克" on the package. (You may receive items without the 碧士克 logo immediately after the change.)

The country of origin of our products is either Japan, Korea or Taiwan.

Activities to eliminate counterfeits

 Counterfeit products infringe on our patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, etc., and we intend to take appropriate measures, including legal means, to eliminate counterfeit products.
We would like to ask our customers to be careful not to mistakenly purchase counterfeit products as genuine products of our company.
We appreciate your continued patronage of our products.

Thank you.