Vacuum Pad Pad Diameter Selection Tool

Pad diameter can be calculated by theoretical suction force math formula and graphs.
Enter required information and click "Calculation ".

Work-piece weight
Required pad quantities
Vacuum level
Hoist direction
Pad diameter
mm and over should be selected.

Although safety rate is considered, horizontal hoist : 1/4 and vertical hoist :1/8,take the calculated force as reference value and confirm by actual application if necessary. Because the theoretical suction force is the value with static condition, the sufficient safety margin should be given considering the weight of work and force created by acceleration at the time of transfer (hoist, stop, rotation, etc.). Also, please give enough room for deciding a number of pad and attaching positions.

*1) As for Sponge pad, the inner diameter instead of outer diameter is used for at the time of calculation. Please refer the following theoretical suction force graph.

*2) As for a property of pad of Bellows, Multi-bellows, Soft-bellows, Ultrathin pads, the theoretical suction force may exceed the strength of pad rubber itself depending on the vacuum level. Please check with actual application.