Calculator of Evacuation Time of Rotary Vacuum Pump

Calculate the evacuation time of Rotary Vacuum Pump.

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Evacuation Time

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The calculated Result is a reference value only.

To find a time to evacuate air from sealed space (tank) from initial pressure to the final pressure (target vacuum degree), use the following formula for calculation.

t: Evacuation (pumping) time(min)

V: Volume(L)

S: Pumping speed(L/min)

P1: Initial Pressure(kPa abs)

P2: Final Pressure(kPa abs)

When carrying out the above calculation, since pumping speed: S of the rotary vacuum pump changes by pressure ranges, first calculate each evacuation time of divided pressure range: t1, t2, t3, and so on, then calculate the sum: t0. Refer to this link for details.