RoHS2 Compliant

The Tube Fitting comes in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping.
Water is admitted conditionally. (Excluding Space saving type)

Model type
Branch Tee
Shipping unit
  • PBT is used for the main resin parts. PBT: A standard resin material that is ideal for general environments.
  • Brass with electroless nickel plating is used for the main metal parts.
Seal rubber
  • NBR is used for the seal rubber material. NBR: A material generally used as a sealing material. Please note that it is inferior in ozone resistance.

Port size

Tube dia.


Thread size


Outline Dimensional Drawing

* Reference value for height dimension after tightening thread.


Fluid medium Air, Water (Conditional*)
Max. operating pressure 1.0MPa
Max. vacuum -100kPa
Operating temp. range 0~60℃(No freezing)


* Make sure to follow the instructions below when the fluid medium is water.

Surge pressure must be controlled lower than max. operating pressure when using water as a fluid medium.

Tap water in Japan free from foreign substances or contamination can be used. Carry out the evaluation under an actual operating condition for using other kind of water.

Be sure to place Insert Ring (WR) into the tube edge when using water as a fluid medium.



The Tube Fitting comes in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping.
Water is admitted conditionally.

High performance / high quality

The lock-claws grips circumference of the tube evenly.
Feeling as good as new, even after many years.
PISCO's uniquely shaped elastic sleeve shuts out air leaks.

Even after installation, the direction of the tubing can be changed freely.

Clean-room Package, best suitable for piping in cleanroom, is available. (Optional)

Fluorine grease is applied and washed by clean air, then packed in ISO class 6 cleanroom.

Clean wash specification, best suitable for various production processes where foreign particles and oil are not welcome, is prepared. (Option for Clean-room Package specification)

Deaeration package after vacuum ultrasonic cleaning by HFE (hydrofluoroether) is carried out in the cleanroom.

Products with Different Options

Products with Different Sizes

Detailed Safety Instructions


1.When the fluid medium is water, do not use fittings unless the operating environment meets all the described specifications in the catalog. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the products, the escape of tubes and a fluid leakage.

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