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RoHS2 Compliant

Suitable for chemical liquid piping in semiconductor manufacturing process.

Model type
Special wrench for Union nut tightening
Shipping unit

Port size

Tube dia.(O.D. x I.D.)

φ3/4"(19.05mm)xφ15.8mm, φ19mmxφ15.8mm


Products with Different Sizes

Detailed Safety Instructions


1.Make sure to follow the instructions in our web catalog or instructions manual for the installation, retorquing and reinstallation of the products. Improper installation or tightening may cause accidents like a fluid leakage or a piping coming off.

2.Do not retorque the products while pressure is supplied or under high temperature. It may cause damage or deformation of the products, leading to a fluid spouting. Make sure to lower the temperature to normal, and set the pressure to zero before retorquing.

5.Since the fitting is made of resin, avoid any tensile force and bending force in / after installing it. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing damage or deformation of the product, resulting a fluid leakage.

6.Check chemical resistance before using the products, when the fluid medium is chemicals or solvent. Depending on the conditions, it may cause damage to the products, the detaching of tubes, and a fluid leakage.


1.Do not use Pisco’s fluororesin equipment, combined with any other parts than this series. Otherwise accidents like a fluid leakage or a piping coming off may be caused.

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