Vacuum Generator, Unitasking

Vacuum Generator VY

RoHS2 Compliant

Integration of ejector and blow-off (vacuum break) functions.

  • PBT is used for the main resin parts. PBT: A standard resin material that is ideal for general environments.
  • Brass with electroless nickel plating is used for the main metal parts.
Seal rubber
  • NBR is used for the seal rubber material. NBR: A material generally used as a sealing material. Please note that it is inferior in ozone resistance.


Integration of ejector and blow-off (vacuum break) functions.

Integration of ejector and blow-off (vacuum break) functions. Switchover from vacuum generation to blow-off air is possible by applying or stopping supply air to ejector.

Ejector is equipped with blow-off (vacuum breaking) air function.

Compared with the conventional single stand-alone type ejector, reliable blow-off(vacuum break) is possible.

Greatly improved price compared to conventional vacuum generators with solenoid valve.

Small size and lightweight. Installation at the end of vacuum circuit is possible

High cycle of suction and blow-off is realized by the equipped shut-off valve.


Fluid medium Air (JIS B 8392-1:"Class 1.2.1~2.4.3")
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.7MPa
Rated supply pressure 0.5MPa (H, L type)/0.35Mpa (E type)
Operating temp. range 5~50℃ (No freezing)
Refueling Not required

Spec. of Vacuum filter for VY

Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range -10~0kPa
Filtering accuracy(*) 5μm (Trapping efficiency:95%)
Operating temp. range 0~60℃(No freezing)
Filter area Port size 44:0.8mm2/Port size 66:1.1mm2
Material:PVF (Polyvinyl Formal)

* Based on our measurement conditions.

Port size

Vacuum port

Tube dia.

mm Size (mm) φ4, φ6,
Inch Size φ1/4"

Air supply port

Tube dia.

mm Size (mm) φ4, φ6,
Inch Size φ1/4"

Exhaust port

Tube dia. (Exhaust port)

mm Size (mm) φ6,
Inch Size φ1/4"

Vacuum Characteristic Graph


Type & Price list

Option & Maintenance items

Vacuum Generator VYBracket

Fixing bracket for Vacuum Generator VY.

Detailed Safety Instructions

3.Knurling locknut needs to be tightened firmly by hand without using any tool. Using tools to tighten the nut may cause damage to the nut or the product. Inadequate tightening may loosen the locknut and the initial setting may be changed.


1.Read and understand the instructions carefully when adjusting the flow rate and breaking time of the blow-off (vacuum breaking) air of the vacuum generator VY.

2.The vacuum filter for the vacuum generator VY cannot be replaced by the filter element alone. When the filter is replaced for maintenance or inspection, the filter itself must be replaced.

3.If different pressures are used for the supply air for vacuum generation and blow-off (vacuum breaking) of the vacuum generator VY, the pressure of the supply air for blow-off (vacuum breaking) must be set below the pressure of the supply air for vacuum generation. If the supply air pressure for blow-off (vacuum breaking) is higher than the supply air pressure for vacuum generation, it may lead to leakage.

4.When the vacuum generator VY is used in the piping method shown in the following figure, blow-off air from the check valve turns around and the blow-off air comes out of the V (vacuum) port, although it is instantaneous until the shut-off valve is completely switched off.

5.Do not apply excessive force when attaching the tube to the vacuum filter for the vacuum generator VY. The filter may be damaged.

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